About LumEfficient

LumEfficient, located in Nashville, began their business in 2010 selling LUXIM’s Light Emitting Plasma (LEP).  As LED technology continued to improve in efficiency and reliability, LumEfficient gradually began replacing their entire LUXIM brand of LEP luminaires with the Resilient brand of LED luminaires.   Although LumEfficient products are designed for heavy industrial use, most are sold in the general lighting market because of their competitive price points.   LumEfficient has luminaires installed throughout the U.S, as well as India, Russia, Thailand, Germany and the UK.  

Resilient manufactures Tough Light LED fixtures for the industrial, transport & logistics and hazardous location working environments. Resilient offers the industry’s best and highest quality LED luminaires.

All of Resilient’s LED fixtures are high performance LEDs for industrial environments with rigorous compliance standards and work with manufacturing and warehouse facilities to provide products and solutions for mission critical lighting applications to meet their needs for energy savings, low maintenance and safe operations. In addition, all Resilient LED fixtures provide durability, safety, quality, easy installation and global availability.

Randy Reid

Randy Reid, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve, is the founder and president of LumEfficient. He began his career with GE Lighting in the Commercial & Industrial Lighting Division. Mr. Reid has helped shape the lighting market. He held the position of President for the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) in 2002-2003. He also held positions of RVP Director, Treasurer, and Senior Vice President. IES is the recognized technical illumination authority responsible for establishing lighting practices to the lighting community. In addition, Mr. Reid was one of six voting members of the LIGHTFAIR Management Committee, 2001 – 2003 and served on the LIGHTFAIR Advisory Committee in 2006. Mr. Reid was chairman for the IES Annual Conference in 2010 and he received the President’s Award in 2011.