LiFi Ores – Fixed LED Downlight – LiFi Access Point
  • The LiFi by LumEfficient solution enables the deployment of a full wireless network through a bidirectional line rate up to 42 Mbps.
  • The LumEfficient LiFi system offers high-speed mobile connectivity within a network while supporting multiple access points and handovers.
  • Each LiFi luminaire can simultaneously serve up to 8 LiFi USB keys. The implemented handover functionality allows users to keep automatically a stable connection from one luminaire to another.
  • The LumEfficient LiFi luminaire is compatible POE / POE+ and UPOE to minimize the necessary wiring for the deployment of a LiFi network infrastructure.
30 watt LiFi-enabled table lamp has the following features:
  • Powered over Ethernet
  • Dimmable from 100% to 0%
  • Color tunable from 2700K to 6000K
  • Pin-Point Security
  • Harmless electromagnetic emissions
  • Connectivity specific to the designated dongle