LED Highbay

Connected Industrial Lighting

The factory of the future is here. Connected lighting is an integral part of the revolution in reducing waste and optimizing the use of our industrial resources. Lighting is ubiquitous in factory floors, warehouses, outdoor sites and office spaces providing a hardware platform for the ‘internet of things’. Lighting is a major component of energy usage in a factory and LED lights can be digitally controlled; therefore, it makes perfect sense to optimize the usage of LED lights by creating a lighting controls network. This same network can do much more to propel your facility into the future. Contact Resilient to find out more.

Facility managers can receive real time alerts of issues on the factory floor from network sensors. Maintenance staff can be notified of outages or failures requiring immediate action. Facility managers can also have access to the luminaire health reports to create an optimized maintenance plan and ensure that their facility is running like a well-oiled machine. All data generated from luminaires and sensors can be used to make smarter decisions and action plans for your facility.

Networked sensors can provide the eyes and ears needed to create a safer work environment. Occupancy sensors are configured to provide additional light during high traffic. Environmental and temperature sensors can detect potentially hazardous situations and alert facility managers and floor personnel. On board light monitoring can alert shift supervisors if the illumination drops below IESNA or OSHA recommended levels for critical task performance and efficiency.

Resilient software minimizes energy consumption of individual luminaires or a zone of luminaires for every usage model, whether it is based on daylight sensors, zone occupancy, demand response, or a time schedule. Resilient’s controller enables revenue grade energy metering accurate within .5% for utility rebates. Facility managers have the ability to track the performance of each individual light or their entire facility and can save an additional 30-50% more energy.