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Industrial High Bay

Port lighting enables crane operators and dock workers to safely handle goods and equipment, provides security around the facility, and creates a well-lit environment without spilling unwanted light onto the surrounding community.


Industrial High Bay

Airport aprons require significant illumination so that ground crews can service planes and operate equipment effectively. To facilitate the activities that occur on the aircraft stand, a lighting system needs to provide both horizontal and vertical illumination at the apron while minimizing glare onto oncoming aircraft.


Industrial High Bay

In order to continue railway operation at night, rail yards need sufficient lighting to conduct trains and identify potentially hazardous situations. High output luminaires are needed to not only provide visibility on the tracks and loading areas, but also create a safe environment by providing illumination for closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance.

Transport and Logistics Lighting

Critical Issues

  • Large area illumination
  • Marine and wet locations
  • Glare control and light trespass
  • High vibration and rough use
  • Industrial ‘dirty’ power

Lighting is essential to the safe and secure operations of sea ports, airports, and railways – especially at night and during extreme weather conditions. It provides workers with a safe environment to perform their jobs effectively and comfortably. Resilient luminaires offer uniform illumination over large areas, provides accurate color rendering, and minimizes glare so that workers can easily and safely discern what is going on in their surroundings.

With Resilient’s advanced LED and Plasma solutions, transport operators can achieve substantial savings in energy and maintenance costs. Today, LED and Plasma technologies use 2-3 times less energy and require 5-10 times less maintenance compared to traditional HID lamps. This has propelled lighting to the forefront of sustainability and cost reduction initiatives. Ports and railways are now upgrading their mission critical lighting systems to achieve rapid payback on investments and significantly better light quality.

Resilient provides lighting services to identify energy savings and facility improvements and solutions to create a safe and efficient transport operation.

Transport & Logistics Lighting:
Key Considerations

  • Identifies cost savings and safety improvements from LED technology
  • Highlights decision points related to using LEDs for transport or logistics facilities

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Transport Case Studies
Real world examples of transport and logistics facilities and their experiences, and savings, after utilizing Resilient brand luminaires.
Sea Port in Mumbai, India
Sea Port in Ninbgo, China

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