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Lighting for the deployment of a full wireless network. The LiFi system offers high-speed mobile connectivity through lighting.


The energy efficient lighting systems establish low maintenance costs and long-lasting clarity for any organization.

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With lighting, seeing truly is believing! We want you to be a believer before paying a single dollar.  We offer a quick turnaround, with many products available in stock. (We’ll cover the shipping cost for any backordered products.)

If you’re not convinced after 60 days hands-on with our products, you can return the luminaires with no questions asked. If you want to expand your installation at any time, simply contact your sales representative.

Hazardous Lighting

Site Evaluation

We help you identify potential lighting upgrades, energy and maintenance savings, and return on investment.

Our Services

Industrial Lighting

Application Consulting

We offer improvements based on best lighting practices and perform detailed lighting layouts for any situation.
Industrial Lighting

Installation Support

We work with service providers to install and provision lighting, and help monitor sites to maximize lighting utility.

Monthly Online Training

Join our 30-minute live training and Q&A.

Register to attend our free online training class to learn about LiFi technology and future benefits compared to traditional WiFi radio frequencies, scheduled at 8:30AM PST on


Download Full Product List

Our products are designed for high stress, mission critical environments, where safety is just as important as reducing energy and maintenance costs. The Full Product lists products specific to environments for optimum efficiency and productivity.


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