One GC301 LED High Bay fixture on a crane was all it took for this Southern Louisiana manufacturer to realize how bad their lighting was, and how great it could be.

When Burrus & Matthews sales rep, Pete, walked in to the inspection area, he could tell that the lighting was not up to par, but management and the employees had grown used to their dim and dull lighting.  Management wanted to simply replace a 1000W MH lamp that had gone out, but Pete knew that he had an opportunity to save this manufacturer time, money, and sore eyes.

Pete went to his car and returned with LumEfficient’s GC301 LED High Bay.  The inspection technician hooked it to a crane and lifted it in the air.  (Of course, this is not how we generally like to install test fixtures, but in a bind, we will take it.) Immediately they were amazed with both the light output and the quality of light.

Then, they learned that by replacing their 12 current 1000W MH fixtures with 12 GC301 300W LED High Bays, they would save about $2500 per year off their energy bill.  In 2.5 years, these fixtures will have nearly paid for themselves!  Needless to say, 12 GC301 LED High Bays have been ordered, and the inspection technician’s eyes owe a big thank you to Pete.

It is hard to know what you are missing until you have seen what you could have.  Don’t wait for a helpful guy like Pete to walk in to your office, warehouse, or plant before you realize that you have been spending too much on lighting that offers too little.  Right now is always the best time to ramp up your energy savings and increase you employees productivity and morale with LED lighting.

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