Randy Reid demonstrated the innovative technology to more than 50 attendees of the IES Milwaukee conference this past week.  The conference attendants showed amazing support to such a fascinating concept of network connectivity, and wished to see more of the technology in their everyday lives. Here are takeaways from the conference presentation.

LiFi is Versatile and Adaptable

The entire LiFi presentation occurred with the use of MiFi (mobile-hotspot), a cellular modem and Wi-Fi router integrated in a single device, such as a smart phone device.  Using the hotspot of an iPhone 7, a phone launched almost 3 years ago, LiFi still performed at staggering speeds and concentration.  At the conference, the light fidelity transmitted to a precise location, limiting other users from infiltrating the network.  The entire audience of the LiFi presentation were outside the range of Reid’s LiFi and they were unable connect to the light fidelity network.  Only Reid’s laptop was within range of the LiFi connection and could connect to the LiFi transmission.  This concentration of light adds a further layer of security that is unmatched by WiFi and was on display for the entire IES Milwaukee conference.

The Lighting Industry is Ecstatic about LiFi

LED Lighting is a global market that is set to grow steadily over the upcoming years, and LiFi is going to piggy-back this market growth for a technological push in lighting.  The industry is establishing a healthier, more efficient world of lighting, and LiFi is going to bring it all together onto a network. This light fidelity technology is an essential step to a stronger market for lighting and a more connected tomorrow.

IoT is becoming more common in our daily lives.  User’s mobile devices and everyday appliances are now connected on the IoT network.  IoT collects data of users and iterates it information back to the user.  As of now, this is a simple grocery list, calendar reminders, or live game scores. This is an unsophisticated way for users to interact with the IoT devices in their daily lives.  LiFi wants to take this IoT connection to the next level, enabling the data of IoT technology to not only benefit the users on a simple scale such as grocery lists, but put LiFi users in control of the technology through network connectivity.  Attendees at the IES Milwaukee conference were curious about lighting’s next step to technological integration, and many left believing that LiFi is the answer.

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About LumEfficient

LumEfficient, located in Nashville, began its business in 2010 selling LUXIM’s Light Emitting Plasma (LEP.)  As LED technology continued to improve in efficiency and reliability, LumEfficient gradually began replacing their entire LUXIM brand of LEP luminaires with the Resilient brand of LED luminaires.   Although LumEfficient products are designed for heavy industrial use, most are sold in the general lighting market because of their competitive price points.   LumEfficient has luminaires installed throughout the U.S, as well as India, Russia, Thailand, Germany and the UK.

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