March 13, 2018—New York—Today at LEDucation,  LumEfficient introduced their LiFi by Lucibel down light featuring a new type of wireless Internet.  LiFi enables users to surf the Internet exponentially faster than standard Wi-Fi and the connection is substantially more secure.

LiFi uses light to transmit Internet signals instead of slower, more vulnerable radio signals used by standard Wi-Fi.  LumEfficient’s LiFi technology enables the deployment of a full wireless network through a bidirectional line rate up to 42 Mbps, offering high-speed mobile connectivity within a network while supporting multiple access points.

Randy Reid, President of LumEfficient, said, “We are excited to be the first company to introduce LiFi at a major U.S. lighting exhibition.  Although the technology is still in its infancy, the opportunities are limitless.”

LiFi adds a significant layer of security as compared to vulnerable WiFi.  A skilled hacker could tap into a Wi-Fi-connected network within a building just by being in the vicinity.  However, with LiFi that hacker would have to be inside the building under a LiFi-enabled light.

Today, mobile devices are built with cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity options and most users choose Wi-Fi when available. Reid envisions a time in the not too distant future when LiFi will be the third built-in choice and users will prefer the speed and security of LiFi over Wi-Fi and Cellular.

At LEDucation, LumEfficient demonstrated LiFi in a 35-watt fixed LED down light at 4000K and a CRI of 80.  Reid stated he plans to launch LiFi in industrial grade fixtures later this year.

About LumEfficient:

LumEfficient, located in Nashville, began their business in 2010 selling LUXIM’s Light Emitting Plasma (LEP.)  As LED technology continued to improve in efficiency and reliability,  LumEfficient gradually began replacing their entire LUXIM brand of LEP luminaires with the Resilient brand of LED luminaires.   Although LumEfficient’s products are designed for heavy industrial use, most are sold in the general lighting market because of their competitive price points.   LumEfficient has products installed throughout the U.S., India, Russia, Taiwan, Germany and the UK.  

LumEfficient is represented by Stan Deutsch and Associates in the New York market.

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