New Year, New Theme for LumEfficient

WordCamp, the biggest conference for everything WordPress, came to Nashville this year, so we jumped on the opportunity to attend.   We sat in on speakers that make a considerable impact on our everyday experience on the web.  We also met some amazing people and companies that provided advice on progressing the online experience for our partners and customers.  After compiling all the suggestions from fellow web enthusiasts at WordCamp, we decided to revamp our website for 2019.

The revamped website is currently live; it is be better suited for our product line content and growth within the lighting market.  As our LiFi product line continues to grow, we plan for the our new website structure to appeal to the amazing technology that Light Fidelity provides to the market while still providing the structured setting for our industrial lighting LED products.

There’s no denying that investing in a customized website complete with modern design touches, the latest UX trends, and search engine optimization can position you leagues above the competition. A custom-designed site can help you grow brand awareness and creates an exceptional experience that turns first-time buyers into repeat customers.

An e-commerce business with limited funds might be torn between investing in a new site or paying for more inventory. Together, an optimized website and expanded inventory can help your business scale quickly and efficiently. That’s where website financing comes in and basic accounting for your business needs.

With website financing, you can start building the best possible website now without putting inventory expansion or other projects on hold.

In some cases, this is all but necessary. For example, if you invest in stellar advertising but don’t have a site of at least equal quality, potential customers might become confused or uninterested in your products and never reach the check-out page. In this instance, not investing in a high-caliber website could actually cost you money as noted by ecommerce SEO.

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