Oledcomm and LumEfficient introduce LiFiMax, a product that exceeds the standards of seamless connection.

Brentwood, TN – January 10, 2019 – LumEfficient is excited to announce the new Light Fidelity technology, LiFiMax from Oledcomm.  The product was unveiled at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show and is now a benchmark to LiFi speed, power, and reliability.  The product sets a new precedent of a faster connection and accessibility while also improving to a more aesthetically pleasing design, with the electronics with a PCB assembly.


LiFiMax users can work on a 100mbps downlink and a 40mbps upload rate while connected through the infrared lighting fixture. This can all be done while still working on a secure network with open light frequency channels.  This far surpasses the WiFi benchmark of 30mbps downlink connection and congested radio frequency. Not only did the product surpass standards of speed, reliability, and power, but it also only measured in at only 4inches wide and 1 inch thick, proving that the bulky and inconvenient products of the LiFi industry are history.  This sleek and adaptable ceiling light fixture can also be installed at any location. Once installed in the room’s ceiling, such as high-quality suspended ceilings, it connects seamlessly to the network through an ethernet cable. LiFiMax then beams down a signal to the USB dongle connected to the user’s device (i.e. laptop, tablet) which transfers data back and forth between the network and the user’s device.  This provides a safe and secure connection through the network for up to 16 users in a 92ft radius; a connection that is not only faster for an individual user, but an entire department within a precise area of a building.  The days of inconsistent and unreliable connection with side-by-side users are behind us.

Our Partnership

LumEfficient chose Oledcomm’s innovative technology to improve the security, safety, speed, and reliability of daily network users. We are excited to bring the Oledcomm product and technology to the US market.  Radio Frequency is peaking in performance, and Light Fidelity is the superior technology ready to provide a new network frequency. A concentrated connection and reliable work environment are the exact expectations we hold here at LumEfficient, and we want others to understand the advantages Oledcomm’s LiFiMax brings to market.  The traffic on radio frequency obstructs an efficient work environment and affects our everyday health. The infrared lighting of LiFiMax is a more reliable method of connectivity, with less traffic on the light frequency, and bypasses the unhealthy radio waves of WiFi.  This product blends into the established design of the workplace and allows for a seamless integration of LiFi into any setting.  The sleek design resonates with the efficient technology of the LiFiMax product.

Visit www.lumefficient.com to learn more about our innovative product lines of LED Lighting and LiFi technology.

About LumEfficient

LumEfficient, located in Nashville, began its business in 2010 selling LUXIM’s Light Emitting Plasma (LEP.)  As LED technology continued to improve in efficiency and reliability, LumEfficient gradually began replacing their entire LUXIM brand of LEP luminaires with the Resilient brand of LED luminaires.   Although LumEfficient products are designed for heavy industrial use, most are sold in the general lighting market because of their competitive price points.   LumEfficient has luminaires installed throughout the U.S, as well as India, Russia, Thailand, Germany and the UK.

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