Last week, we were at Light + Building in Frankfurt. To our knowledge, out of 5000 exhibitors, we were the only company that was publicly displaying a working LiFi luminaire.  We are aware of one other company that had private showings to key customers, but we were the only company demonstrating it openly.

Watch the 2-minute video here.

LiFi offers two main advantages over standard WiFi. The first is speed and the second is security. Because light (Li-Fi) travels faster than  radio signals (WiFi), our Li-Fi enabled luminaires have the potential to bring the Internet at substantially faster speeds.  Also, a Li-Fi equipped device must be under the luminaire to receive the photons, making it dramatically more secure than vulnerable WiFi as we demonstrated at the show.

LumEfficient was the first U.S. Lighting company to exhibit LiFi at a major lighting show in the U.S. at LEDucation in March of 2018.  Come see our next public demonstration at LIGHTFAIR, booth 438, 8-10 MAY in Chicago


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