This demonstration displayed mono-directional and omni-directional LiFi

Brentwood, TN – March 13, 2019 – LiFi is an unbounded source of network connectivity. Sending and receiving information through LiFi is faster and more secure than ever before. Randy Reid of LumEfficient exhibited this new way of sharing online information at LEDucation with the use of two different LiFi compatibilities. In addition to exhibiting, Reid discussed the features and benefits of LiFi at a sold-out session at LEDucation.

Mono-Directional LiFi

Mono-directional LiFi, sometimes knows as one-way LiFi, is a singular path of light fidelity from one device to another. Light fidelity allows users to opt into a Mono-directional LiFi resource and receive information from a network using their cellphone or tablet. Exclusives offer can be sent to shoppers as the browse the aisles of the store. The same can be done in museums by providing more information about individual artwork throughout the building. This mono-directional connectivity creates a seamless way of putting relevant information in the hands of consumers and enhancing their overall experience.

Omni-Directional LiFi

Omni-directional LiFi is the standard interactive experience users have browsing the web. However, instead of using RF radio waves, data is transmitted using beams of light.  Omni-directinonal LiFi transmits information from a LiFi-enabled fixture directly to a decoder, or dongle, plugged into the USB port of a laptop computer. LiFi offers greater security and significantly faster speeds than current WiFi. LiFi allows users to send personal or confidential company information on a concentrated LiFi network, removing the risk of hackers stealing WiFi signals that can penetrate walls and buildings.

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In addition to LEDucation, Randy Reid is speaking at the LightFair and NAILD conferences later this year.

About LumEfficient

LumEfficient, located in Nashville, began its business in 2010 selling LUXIM’s Light Emitting Plasma (LEP.)  As LED technology continued to improve in efficiency and reliability, LumEfficient gradually began replacing their entire LUXIM brand of LEP luminaires with the LumEfficient brand of LED luminaires.   Although LumEfficient products are designed for heavy industrial use, most are sold in the general lighting market because of their competitive price points.   LumEfficient has luminaires installed throughout the U.S, as well as India, Russia, Thailand, Germany and the UK.




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