Tough Industrial Lighting


LumEfficient luminaires employ the latest in solid-state lighting and luminaire technology to manufacture ‘tough light’. Resilient made technologies provide energy savings for industrial facilities and solve their most critical lighting needs including safe operations and low maintenance. We design optical systems, power and thermal management devices and around LED’s to provide the brightest and longest lasting industrial lights.

Resilient’s luminaires protect against dirty power. Power lines in industrial facilities often experience dirty power such as sags, surges, spikes, interference or transients, which cause abnormal deviations in voltage/current levels. These disturbances can cause irreparable damage LED drivers leading to downtimes and disruptions in critical industrial processes. Dirty power can lead to costly repairs/replacements, loss of productivity and safety hazards. Resilient power components are designed with not only high voltage, short duration surge protection but also lower voltage, long duration transients that would damage typical LED drivers.

High heat, and extreme cold, like those found in rigorous industrial environments are extremely rough on most lighting technology. Resilient’s fixtures function error free whatever the temperature – even in elevated ambient environments up to 55°C/131°F. Unless properly protected, LEDs will often become less efficient and bright as their temperatures rise. Heat can also wreak havoc on the luminaire lifetime by damaging internal components. Resilient designs employs phase-changing, vapor plate technology to quickly dissipate heat from sensitive components and provide a projected LED lifetime of 100,000 hours or more.

Job sites are always in motion. Whether on a crane, next to a piece of heavy machinery in 24/7 operation, or by a roadway: motion creates vibration. Most lighting fixtures are designed to withstand ‘first mode’ vibration– the gentle rhythmic swaying of a pole in the wind. When those external vibrations aren’t gentle or rhythmic and instead start and stop repeatedly for hours each day, stresses on the electrical connections begin to weaken and fail. Resilient’s luminaires are built strong to prevent this issue and to allow their components to function long after other luminescent products by resonance between the fixture and the external vibration.

Hazardous location are workplaces where concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, or dust occur. All three, including flammable dusts suspended in the air, pose a risk of creating an explosion. All electrical equipment installed in such locations must be specifically designed and tested to ensure it does not ignite an explosion. Resilient’s line of hazardous-ready luminaires are built to keep dust and vapor out, and to prevent errant sparks from escaping.

When faced with the need for precise illumination, an overabundance of light isn’t always the best option. Too much light will often cause uncomfortable glare or cast light spill into areas where it isn’t wanted. Resilient’s luminaires contain precision crafted optics that direct light right where it is needed, onto the work surface, and out of your workers’ eyes.  This optimizes visualization and is efficient in establishing light deemed necessary for performance.

Whether it is salt spray from sea water, rough use, or harsh and abrasive chemicals, industrial locations are corrosive to even the most robust instrument. All of Resilient’s luminaires are built from corrosion resistant materials and coated with high-durability powder coating in a multi-stage process that can withstand 2000 hour of salt spray testing. Whether you need protection from corrosive liquids or gases, there’s a Resilient product that is right for you.


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