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Industrial Lighting

Manufacturing and warehousing space represents a vast section of indoor or covered real estate in industrial facilities. The types of work performed here vary tremendously from production to machining to storage; therefore every prescription needs to be customized to the usage of the space and the level of activity being performed.


Industrial Lighting

In food and beverage processing facilities (splash and non-food zone), lighting equipment is subjected to ‘tough’ performance, safety and durability standards. Due to the chemical processes that take place, the light fixtures used in these facilities need to be constructed to withstand elements such as water, oil, steam, dust, and bio-hazards.


Industrial Lighting

Heavy industrial locations, such as foundries, steel mills, casting and welding facilities pose as challenging environments to illuminate. In these harsh environments, one finds vibration from large machinery, caustic chemicals, extreme temperatures, and dirty power, making it difficult to find lighting solutions that are powerful and tough enough.

Industrial Lighting

Critical Issues

  • Safe vertical and horizontal illumination (based on activity)
  • 24-7 operation with no downtime
  • High temperatures and corrosive environments
  • Industrial ‘dirty’ power
  • Worker safety

Lighting is essential to keeping workers safe and factories productive. Lighting solutions used in industrial facilities not only need to be durable enough to withstand harsh environmental factors such as high temperatures, humidity, corrosive atmosphere, dirty power, and vibration, but should also comply with the fire, safety, and material codes. In addition, the luminaires should need minimal to no servicing and keep energy consumption and costs as low as possible.

With Resilient’s advanced LED solutions, facilities managers can achieve substantial savings in energy and maintenance costs. Resilient’s LED technology use 2-3 times less energy and require 5-10 times less maintenance compared to traditional HID lamps. This has propelled lighting to the forefront of sustainability and cost reduction initiatives. Industrial sites are now upgrading their mission critical lighting systems to achieve rapid payback on investments and significantly better light quality.

Resilient provides lighting services to identify energy savings and facility improvements and solutions to create a safe and efficient industrial environment.

Industrial Lighting: Key Considerations

  • Describes the potential for LEDs to save costs and increase safety in industrial environments
  • Outlines key issues related to using LEDs in industrial facilities

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Case Studies
Real world examples of industrial facilities and their experiences, and savings, after utilizing Resilient brand luminaires.
Steel Company in Ningbo, China
Dairy in Shanghai, China

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