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Industrial Lighting

Upstream (exploration and drilling), downstream (refining) and transportation operations in Oil and Gas sites require lights that can withstand Class I hazardous location environments due to the presence of flammable vapors, gases, and chemical compounds. Safety and durability are of utmost importance for lighting equipment installed in this sector.


Industrial Lighting

Lighting in textile and paper factories – where a lot of flammable particles are created – need to withstand Class II and Class III hazardous location standards for combustible dust and flammable fibers. In addition to a T-rating of 4 or higher, the luminaires need to provide high CRI and illumination for distinguishing colors in the factory floor.


Industrial Lighting

Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing tend to have hazardous locations that require luminaires that are completely sealed from the environment and resist corrosive elements. Due to restricted access in sensitive areas, lighting should also need minimal maintenance. Such facilities also require high CRI and stable light sources for inspection and quality control systems.

Hazardous Environment Lighting

Critical Issues

  • Eliminate any fire or explosion hazards
  • Withstand corrosive and rugged environments
  • Provide high levels of illumination
  • Provide high CRI for inspection and observation

Safety is the number one priority in facilities with Hazardous Locations. Any lighting solution used in these areas need to be designed to withstand strict NEC and UL (UL 844) certifications for these zones. Luminaires in division II areas (where harmful elements may be present) must be manufactured with high quality die casting, finished with non-corrosive powder coating, sealed tightly with high strength glass and utilize electronics designs that do not produce arcing or sparking. In more extreme cases of division I areas (where harmful elements are always present), luminaires must be designed with explosion proof principles. In addition to safety, lighting should deliver adequate illumination and require minimal maintenance to facilitate a productive manufacturing environment.

With Resilient’s advanced LED hazardous location solutions, facilities managers can achieve substantial savings in energy and maintenance costs. Resilient’s LED technology use 2-3 times less energy and require 5-10 times less maintenance compared to traditional HID lamps. This has propelled lighting to the forefront of sustainability and cost reduction initiatives. Industrial sites are now upgrading their mission critical lighting systems to achieve rapid payback on investments and significantly better light quality.

Resilient provides lighting services to identify energy savings and facility improvements and solutions to create a safe and efficient operation in hazardous environments.

Transport & Logistics Lighting:
Key Considerations

  • Identifies cost savings and safety improvements from LED technology
  • Highlights decision points related to using LEDs for transport or logistics facilities

Transport Case Studies
Real world examples of transport and logistics facilities and their experiences, and savings, after utilizing Resilient brand luminaires.
Sea Port in Mumbai, India
Sea Port in Ninbgo, China

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